BioMed Central TeX template - Version 0.6 (April 15th 2015)

1 BioMed Central LaTeX template distribution


The BioMed Central manuscript template. Edit a copy of this file.


PDF created from The BioMed Central manuscript template.


Two column layout PDF created from The BioMed Central manuscript template.


A sample BibTeX bibliography file used to create a .bbl by BibTeX using the bmc-mathphys.bst file.


A sample bibliography file created by BibTeX using the bmc-mathphys.bst file.


The BibTeX bibliography style file for the BioMed Central reference format


The BibTeX bibliography style file for the Springer Basic reference format


The BibTeX bibliography style file for the Vancouver reference format


Page layout style class for for manuscripts.


Style for bibliography tags.


This document.

2 Requirements


The BioMed Central TeX template should work with TeX distributions on any platform - it has been tested with TeXShop on Mac OS X and MiKTeX for Windows.


In order to submit a manuscript as a .tex file to BioMed Central, you must

If your TeX manuscript does not meet the criteria above it will need to be converted to DVI format prior to submission.

3 Guidelines for creating your manuscript using TeX


Follow the guidelines in the BioMed Central instructions for authors given at


Make sure your manuscript is compiled with LaTeX2e by using \documentclass{...} and not \documentstyle{...} in the preamble at the top of your .tex document.

A template manuscript is supplied entitled bmc_article.tex which sets up the preferred page layout based on the standard article.cls. Additional styles can be achieved by \documenclass options: doublespacing - for double spaced text, linenumbers - for the line numbers on margins, twocolumn - for twocolumn layout. Please note that for twocolumn layout \end{fmbox} position is different, comment one after \end{artnotes} environment and uncomment one after \end{abstractbox} environment.


Make sure that you only a single .tex document for the entire manuscript, as you will need to upload it as a single file (together with its associated formatted bibliography file). Do not use the \input command to include other .tex files.


Additional packages can be used in The BioMed Central template: amsthm and amsmath for theorems and mathematics respectively, natbib for citation style, hyperref for url references.


for these style files if they are not in your local archive.

natbib.sty with sort&compress option turns [1,2,3,4] into [1-4].

hyperref.sty formats urls so they can be broken down cleanly when overflowing the right text boundary.

4 BibTeX

References must be formatted with BibTeX using the BioMed Central style file.

I.e. when using the template, choose one of the following: \bibliographystyle{bmc-mathphys}, \bibliographystyle{vancouver} or \bibliographystyle{spbasic} depending on the reference style that your journal is using.

The bibliography datafile is referred to with \bibliography{datafile1, ..., ...}.

The template makes use of a sample bibliography called bmc_article.bib - you should update the \bibliography tag to refer to your own bibliography.

For author-year bibliography (bmc-mathphys or spbasic):

  1. write to bib file (bmc-mathphys only): @settings{label, options="nameyear"}
  2. write to tex file: \nocite{label}

5 Notes on uploading your manuscript


Make sure you are submitting only one .tex document. Please note that figures, large tables and any other reference material should be submitted as separate files, not embedded in the manuscript.


A .bbl file is generated when you use BibTeX to format your article's reference list. It contains formatted details of all references used in the manuscript. After uploading a TeX file to BioMed Central, you will then be prompted to upload the .bbl file which goes with it.

6 The TeX article layout

This is the sectioning for a BMC-series Research Article l manuscript submission . . .
For other types of articles or for non-BMC series journals, see the relevant section headings at

• Abstract

• Background

• Results

• Conclusions

• Background

• Methods

• Results and Discussion

• Conclusions

• Authors contributions

• Acknowledgements

• References

• Figures

• Tables

• Additional files

7 Further information

The latest version of the BioMed Central TeX template distribution, and full instructions on its use, are available here: